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CPIM Protest against Price Hike || Protest against price rise! 15 left parties took to the streets together


#Kolkata: After a long time, 15 leftist parties were seen together. Leaders of 15 parties staged a sit-in protest on Kolkata’s Rani Rasmoni Road on Tuesday. Left Front Chairman Biman Basu, CPI (M) Politburo member Suryakant Mishra, party state secretary Mohammad Selim, CPR state secretary Swapan Bandopadhyay, RSP general secretary Manoj Bhattacharya as well as PDS leader Anuradha Puttund, CPI India leader Bornali Mukherjee, CLR. Speaking on the occasion, Biman Basu said, “15 Left parties have called for a program. Earlier, there were programs in districts. The campaign is going on across the state from May 25 to 30. Protests against bakeries. What is the job? Sleeping with mustard oil on the nose? Passed the SSC exam but did not work. They are still protesting. Those who did not take the exam have done their job. We have to protest. From the district to the city. “

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CPM politburo member Suryakanta Mishra said, “Why do prices go up? If demand and supply balance change, prices will go down. Our demand has gone down. Because there is no money in the pocket. Pockets are being cut. Why there is no work? Crisis in the industry. Such a crisis is going on. The world has not seen such a crisis for 150 years. And the government is selling everything. Railway insurance is all. Because there is no demand. Now the looters are capital. They will raise money with money. Why the wheat production has come down. There is such a big movement. There is movement. Otherwise Modi would not have reduced the price of fuel. What will be the production. “

CPI (M) state secretary Mohammad Selim said, “Left parties across the country have called for a 25-31 price hike movement. Allies have also been added. The campaign has spread across the state. It will continue. The condition of people is bad. Crops are not getting prices. On the one hand the hill of profit is not filling the bag but on the other hand the government is not accepting this. The government is declaring unity against the people. The ration card has been canceled. Talking about the market. For the black market, for profit. We talked about the food crisis. The government did not agree. “

CPI’s state secretary Swapan Bandopadhyay has spoken out against the price hike. “There are no jobs. They are being laid off. VRS is happening. They want to reduce people before they are handed over to the private sector. Where is the future of the next generation? Our teachers are on the streets. Is it development? The BJP is the grassroots. We are the alternative. The sooner I can explain this to the people, the sooner we can be liberated. “

CPIML Liberation Leader Kartik Pal delivered the speech. He said, “Prices of commodities, especially medicines, are going up. If you buy rice and pulses, you don’t have money to pay for fish. This country is ours. It is not Modi-Shah’s. The income of working farmers has not increased. People. ” However, this program is not the end of the day, the leadership has said that they will make a joint movement in such a program tomorrow.


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