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CPIM Public Relation New Technique || Protest is not resistance this time! New ideas in public relations of CPIM’s student organization


#Kolkata: The CPM has occasionally taken to the streets demanding protection of women in the state. In case of any incident, movement has been started. This time the team wants to walk on a different road and stand beside the women. This time SFI, the student organization of the party, is teaching karate for the self-defense of women. The organization has already started camps in North 24 Parganas and Bankura districts on behalf of the organization. According to organization sources, such camps will be set up across the state gradually.

In this program called Mission Pritilata, mainly members of martial arts, karate and judo associated with the organization are imparting training here. But not long training. According to the organization, these will be taught easily in small courses. At the same time, women are being taught how to use hair clips and cuts in self-defense.

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Akash Kar, a member of the state committee of the organization, said, “We have seen an increase in violence against girls across the state. But the state government has no help. It is not qualified to stop it. We will teach self-defense lessons to the students. A course is being conducted to teach self-defense called Mission Pritilata. We have asked the government many times from the streets for the safety of women. But the government has failed. We are now training the students so that they can protect themselves. “

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Srijan Bhattacharya, state secretary of the organization, said, “Anarchy, rapists and anti-social elements have been rampant in West Bengal during the grassroots period. Students and women are suffering from perverted mentality. Despite this, the ruling party did not regain consciousness. Instead, the miscreants were given security. As a result, we have taken this initiative on behalf of SFI. Now that the district has been taken over and expanded to several other places, including Bankura, we are sure that this camp will be effective overall.

According to a section of political experts, the CPM wants to reorganize the organization that has been disintegrating since the collapse of the Assembly elections. And for this the student organization has been brought forward. In Corona, Red Volunteers are doing a lot to win people’s hearts. After that, the CPM student organization wants to increase public relations by teaching spoken English, opening schools and teaching karate. Especially in the district, the party wants to reap the harvest in the panchayat elections through that program.


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