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CPIM Red Volunteer || Fancy strategy! CPIM will run the Red Volunteers hotline


#Kolkata: During the Corona period, the Red Volunteers launched several helpline numbers. People in trouble would call that number and ask for oxygen, medicine or food or any help. Members of the Red Volunteers would call the number and deliver the items they needed. The CPM wants to walk in the opposite direction. The team has taken the strategy of promoting the team in the number of Red Volunteers.

According to sources, panchayat elections are going on year after year. With that election in mind, the campaign strategy has already been taken. The hotline will also inform the people about the programs taken by the party as well as the election campaign. SMS will be promoted through WhatsApp. If necessary, the general public will be informed even by phone.

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SFI state committee member Abhinandan Dattagupta, who works as a Red Volunteer, said, “We will let people know about us. Students are protesting on the sidewalk. Some people are going to work. The common man is in trouble, but the state and central governments are not taking any action. Instead, they are pointing fingers at each other and avoiding their responsibilities. Many people have lost their jobs in Corona. Did any of them stand by in the Corona situation or did they get the people of the party with zero? You must think about that before you vote next time. We will remind the people about that. “

A member of the CPM’s state committee said, “People have a very positive image of the Red Volunteers. The people who stood by the people in those bad times will never forget them. Listen to the Red Volunteers seriously. There is a possibility of a response. “


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