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CPIM || The internal affairs of the party are not on Facebook, the message of discipline is forwarded to the state secretary


#Kolkata: Naren Chatterjee, the state secretary of the Forward Bloc, chose Facebook to teach a lesson against disorderly conduct. According to party sources, some of the party’s leading members have taken to social media to discuss the controversy within the party. Some have fired at the state leadership. And this has broken the party discipline. This time the state secretary gave a strong message to suppress the rebellion.

A few days ago, Naren Chatterjee posted on Facebook, “If any member of the party tries to destroy the internal unity of the party on Facebook, it is considered as anti-party work.”

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In this regard, Naren Chatterjee said, “If anyone dislikes an issue within the party or if there is a question about a leader’s work or a statement of his own, it should be discussed within the party. Should these be written on Facebook? “Otherwise, it would be anti-party activities. A section of the party has been accused of doing this for several days. One of them has been suspended. A message was sent on Facebook to warn the rest. We don’t take things lightly. The team will not hesitate to take drastic measures. Remember, if anyone wants the best for the team, he will never do it if he really thinks of the team as his own. I hope he will stop doing things that are wasted. And what will the new generation learn from them? It is unprincipled work. “

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In this case, part of the party is pointing fingers at the party leadership. One of the leaders, who did not want to be named, said, “The top leadership of the party is acting unprincipled. And that is being silenced. The party is for the people. So, it is not right to write this on social media. Who said that there is no unity in the party? Then why shouldn’t it be evil with the same guilt?


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