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CPIM Vs TMC: CPIM in the Museum! Trinamool in new attack after ‘deep freeze’, speculation about ‘real’ target


#Kolkata: Just a day earlier, the Trinamool’s mouthpiece ‘Jago Bangla’ had sneered at the Congress, saying that the Congress had gone into the deep freezer. People all over the country have confidence in Mamata as the face of opposition. And, without cutting his 24 hours, this time the Trinamool broke the CPM by accusing him of forming an alliance with the Congress on the floor in the pre-poll. This time in ‘Jago Bangla’ it has been written sarcastically, ‘They have taken the challenge of carving their name in the museum.’

If you look away from this aspect of state politics and look at the arena of national politics, the same orchestra is playing. The screenplay is the same. Change only to knots and knots. Just two days ago, Mamata Banerjee attacked the Congress in Maharashtra, calling the UPA “non-existent” alongside Sharad Pawar. On the same day, ‘Jago Bangla’ targeted Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, the state president of the Congress and the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament.

But why? Why is it that the left, the Congress, which cannot be found even with ‘binoculars’, has to make such a mockery of the mouthpieces of those who have always blown the whistle, in the face of the Calcutta polls? Politicians cannot agree on this question. However, Rasik Bangali is saying, does ‘Jago Bangla’ want to ‘wake up’ the Left, the Congress? Or is it a game of dividing the opposition vote like the story of the monkey on the back.

BJP says, what else is new in this? These are the parties that have done fissure politics in Navanne. They want to turn the cat into a tiger by ‘attacking’ them to divide the anti-grassroots vote. However, neither the CPM nor the Congress is reluctant to smoke on the BJP’s hook. Congress MP Pradeep Bhattacharya claimed, “This is not an isolated incident. The promise to weaken the Congress across the country to save himself and his family from Modi-BJP is part of that larger conspiracy. “

However, the finger of blame on which the grassroots demanded, Mamata wanted the BJP to fight wherever it has the strength of the opposition to overthrow it. The rest of the people will support him. Otherwise, a force like the BJP cannot be ousted. The Congress did not accept Mamata’s condition in this state. He has opposed the Trinamool by forming an alliance with the Left. Has the Trinamool been a regional party forever? Where is the fault between the expansion of his party as a political party and his attempt to become a national party?

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Sujan Chakraborty of the CPM, however, said, “Neither Mamata Banerjee nor her party insults the CPM. The Chief Minister and his party know very well that although not in all the wards in the Calcutta pre-poll, the Left is still worried about him in some areas. That is why after winning such a landslide victory in the just-concluded assembly polls, Mamata Banerjee has to hold rallies in leftist constituencies like Jadavpur, Taliganj and Behala to win the party’s candidates in the Kolkata polls itself. In fact, Mamata Banerjee and her party Trinamool know that there is no alternative to the Left. Today or tomorrow people will return to the left. “

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The astrologers who have been staring at the telescope as the night sky coincides with the pre-vote in Calcutta on 19 December and the battle for the throne of Delhi in 2024 are quietly saying, “Tarja is frozen.” There is a proverb that Bengalis do not suffer as much if they do not get food as they do if they do not get involved in voting and politics. As a result, in the next few days, all the co-dramas and well-dramas will be in full swing in the life of the popular Bengali.

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