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CPIM: Who are the grassroots involved in corruption, CPIM has brought sensational information to the fore! Name also revealed


#Kolkata: The ruling party, CPIM, wants to bring corruption in line with the grassroots. To that end, the party has started a ‘public watch’ program. What kind of work? According to party sources, the party sought information from the general public to publish a list of allegations of corruption against any leader of the ruling party. That information has been published in the first phase. Those leaders have been brought to the fore with their identities on social media. After that, the list will be published in several more phases, party sources said.

One of the leaders involved in the program said, “We wanted the people to know if there were any allegations of corruption by the leaders of the ruling party. We have the evidence. “

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The CPI (M) has been protesting against the ruling party for corruption. CPM MP Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya has led from the front in several cases including Sarada and Narad. The CPM and the Left also played a tune in the assembly by adding corruption to the grassroots outside the election and beyond. So what’s new? According to party sources, up to now, the movement has been carrying out allegations of corruption against the party’s top leadership. That strategy has been changed ahead of the next panchayat elections. This time the goal is not just the top leadership. Bring to the fore the fact that the ruling party is involved in corruption from head to toe. So that from the village to the neighborhood, it has an effect.

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In the words of a CPM leader, “Corruption in recruitment of teachers in the state. Minister in the fence. The minister’s daughter has gone to work on the orders of the High Court. Anubrat Mandal had to appear before the CBI in cattle smuggling. Doing, eating katmani, picking up, coming under the umbrella of the ruling party, suddenly the fingers have become swollen banana trees. Suddenly there is a building in front of the slum house in the village. How it happened, people have to be informed.

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