Crime News | Puri Hotel || The frozen body of the Assistant Commissioner of Kolkata Police was recovered at the hotel.

#Kolkata: The family went to Puri for a walk, but Alok Roy, the Assistant Commissioner of Calcutta Police, never returned home. His frozen body was recovered from a hotel in Puri on Monday. Went to Puri with all the family. As a result, he spent time with everyone throughout the day. But in the afternoon when all the family left, he was still at the hotel. Then came the tragedy. Everyone in the house returned to the hotel and found him lying unconscious. The local doctor was informed. He came and declared her dead. The police officer was with his family at Sona International Hotel in Puri.

The late Assistant Commissioner Alok Roy was born in 1986. Puri police officials have already taken the body of ACP Alok Roy into their custody. Kolkata Police has been contacted. A team of Calcutta Police has left for Puri. An autopsy will be conducted on Tuesday in compliance with all the rules. Only then will it be clear what caused the death of the police officer.

According to police sources, everyone in the house went for a walk on C-Beach on Monday evening. Alok Roy was in the hotel room at that time. Family members returned and found him unconscious. The doctor was immediately informed. But the last defense was not possible. By then all is over. However, no complaint was lodged with the police on behalf of the family. According to unconfirmed sources, he probably died due to physical illness. Or a sudden heart attack, in which he fell to his death. Today, the frozen body of Alok Roy will be brought back to Kolkata.

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