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#Kolkata: Despite the introduction of West Bengal Covid Restrictions from Monday, the risky journey is taking place on the local train (Local Train Restrictions West Bengal) in the midst of overcrowding. The government instruction virtually disappeared in the rush of station office hours at the station. Passengers think that this situation will continue if the train does not increase. In the midst of the crowd, the minimum coveted rule has been learned. Such alarming pictures were seen on Monday, the first day of strict restrictions in the state.

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The West Bengal Covid Restrictions issued from Nabanna yesterday were a kind of disappearance (West Bengal Covid Restrictions) on all the trains at Hasnabad Sealdah or Bangaon Sealdah at Barasat station. Bats are everywhere. Most people have a mask, but some have a mask on their neck and some on their chin. Although the train was supposed to run with 50 percent passengers, the overflowing crowd was seen in all the trains this morning.

Symbolic image on a local train with strict restrictions on passenger safety. Strict restrictions have been imposed on passenger trains on local trains
Symbolic image.

According to the victims, it is almost impossible to carry only half of the passengers on the famous Bangaon Local (Local Train Services). Passengers are seeing clouds in the sky as the problem will increase in the evening as well as in the morning. They fear that if the local train stops at 7 o’clock, the commuters will have to face huge problems.

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Incidentally, the West Bengal Local Train Restrictions have been directed to be maintained between 5 am and 6 pm to deal with the increase in corona. Today, the control is being implemented from Monday, according to Eastern and South-Eastern Railway sources. The West Bengal Covid Restrictions have been issued to ensure that the last train of the night departs from the terminal station by 6 pm.

Reducing the number of local trains could increase congestion, fearing that new trains would not be cut during daytime service (Indian Railways), Eastern Railway said. According to the Eastern Railway, the train will run from morning till evening according to the old schedule. The South Eastern Railway also said that local train services will be available from 5 am to 6 pm. The train will run at the scheduled time according to the old schedule.

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The West Bengal Covid Restrictions on Sunday issued a directive to run local trains with 50 per cent passengers. Many are skeptical about how to keep the passenger crowd at 50 percent on local trains. Railway officials said a campaign would be launched to prevent passengers from traveling without urgent need. They also hoped that the number of passengers would be slightly reduced as the attendance at government and private offices was reduced to 50 per cent. But the picture of reality looks completely different. And that is why the anxiety and risk is increasing. This is because there is no direct crowd control system at the entrance to the station.

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