Cyclone Gulab | Nabanna: Nabanna has canceled all the leaves of State government employees. Cyclone Gulab

#Kolkata: The rose is about to fall. On the other hand, there is the power of depression. Due to the push of the two, the districts of Kolkata and South Bengal are going to face a severe disaster. The people of South Bengal have been devastated by the rains of the last few days. Various areas of the coastal districts are still submerged. This upcoming cyclone is making his eyes water. Nabanna has been active in dealing with this disaster. State Chief Secretary Harikrishna Dwivedi has already convened an emergency meeting on this. After this meeting, the leave of the government employees of the state has been canceled.

The chief secretary said in a directive that all government employees in the state have had their leave canceled after reviewing the weather forecast and the cyclone in the Bay of Bengal. It is learned that the holiday has been canceled till October 5. The guidelines were issued on Saturday on an emergency basis.

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According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, South Bengal is going to be flooded in the next few days. The government employees’ leave has been canceled till October 5 to deal with the disaster. According to the weather office, the deep depression is increasing in the Bay of Bengal. In the next 12 hours, it will turn from a very deep depression into a cyclone ‘Gulab’. There is another vortex behind it. And for that, there is a risk of double depression in the forehead of the state. Although it has been raining in the coastal districts since Sunday, rain is forecast in several districts of South Bengal.

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The meeting on Saturday discussed what steps can be taken to cope with the outbreak of double depression. Multiple parts of East, West Midnapore are still submerged and virtually flood situation has been created in some areas. The details of what has been done in those places now, what is the condition of the river dams, how many residents need to be rescued are likely to be discussed in the meeting on Saturday, sources said.

NDRF team has already been asked to be arranged in Kolkata. According to sources, special teams of NDRF may be deployed in several districts besides Kolkata. South Bengal has an orange alert for heavy to very heavy rains on Tuesday and Wednesday. It will start raining from Sunday. Will continue until Wednesday. With gusts of wind. Disaster is expected in Kolkata and South Bengal between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon.

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