Dakshineswar kali Pujo: Devotees flock to Dakshineswar from morning to morning in the tide of devotees.

#Kolkata: In the corona atmosphere, some rules have been changed in Dakshineswar Kali Pujo. Starting from the distance rules, all the rules are being enforced strictly. As a result, the same rules that are seen in other years of Kali Pujo in Dakshineswara Kali Mandir have been changed this year.

From dawn on this day, the presence of devotees is being noticed everywhere from the attic of the outer part of the temple premises to the sand bridge. However, the fans are traveling everywhere while maintaining physical distance. Every year on the day of Kalipujo, devotees and visitors flock to Dakshineswar temple from dawn. The crowd has been growing in the temple premises since the afternoon.

Starting from Ganga Ghat, crowds of lakhs of devotees can be seen all over the Nat Mandir and Chatal. The situation was radically changed in the Corona atmosphere. This time Pujo cannot be seen sitting on the giant screen installed in the temple. Even the devotees who have been performing pujo since morning have to leave the temple after performing pujo. As a result, even though there is a crowd of several thousand people since morning, this time Kalipujo is in this Shakti Peetha in a different atmosphere.

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Devotees who have been coming to worship since this morning are standing in the temple following the distance rules. About 200 people have been allowed to stand together in the attic of the temple. You can’t even enter the temple directly by bathing in the Ganges ghat. You can’t even stand or sit on the Ganges ghat.

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Kushal Chowdhury, trustee and editor of Dakshineswar Mandir, said, “The rules that were followed during the unlock period are still being maintained. People from all over the country are passionate about the temple. So all the work is being done according to the Kovid rules. “All the devotees who are entering the temple have to check the temperature and enter.

Visitors have to enter through a sanitation tunnel. No one is allowed to enter more than 10 people at a time. However, worship will be taken all night today. But this time no one is being allowed to enter the sanctum sanctorum.

Cameras have been installed in the theater. From there, of course, there is an online feed to watch the pujo directly. On the other hand, the temple authorities have said that the offerings will not be given this time. Once the pujo is over, one has to leave the temple premises. Will not be allowed to sit anywhere.

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