#Kolkata: The Calcutta High Court again showed confidence in IPS Damayanti Sen. A division bench of the Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court has directed an inquiry into the Namkhana gang-rape under the supervision of Damayanti Sen. The court also ordered that the victim, his family and witnesses be given full security. After examining the progress of the investigation, the court will consider the CBI’s request for investigation, it was informed today.

Earlier, the court had also given Damayanti Sen the responsibility of monitoring the Matia, Deganga, Ingrejbazar and Banshdroni rape cases. The state government has submitted the investigation report of four rape cases in the state to the Calcutta High Court. Progress reports have also been submitted in the investigation of Matia, Ingrejbazar, Deganga and Banshdroni rape cases. The report also mentions exactly what instructions were given to the investigators by IPS Damayanti Sen.

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The Chief Justice directed to investigate the rape cases of Matia, Ingrejbazar, Deganga and Banshdroni under the supervision of IPS Damayanti Sen. In that context, Damayanti Sen has already told the court that he has no problem in monitoring the four rape cases. The next hearing in the case is on May 2. The state will submit the next report on the progress of the investigation on the same day.

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Incidentally, at present Damayanti Sen is the Special Commissioner of Kolkata Police. He had previously investigated a Park Street rape case. This time the Calcutta High Court gave him the responsibility for four rape cases.

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