Kolkata: What type of cyber fraud has changed in Corona? According to cyber officials of the state and Kolkata police, the type of cyber fraud has changed in the lockdown (Cyber ​​Crime cases are increasing in West Bengal).

For example, to buy something from a well-known company, you search on Google, open the website of that company and call from there with the telephone number. Or all of a sudden a link came up with an interesting offer for shopping on your WhatsApp. Written with, clicking on the link will match a lot of discounts. All these are traps of various faces of fraudsters. There is a phone with the identity of the bank officer in the name of updating the KYC of the bank.

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State police detectives claim money never disappeared from the account when he went to make a doctor’s appointment at the hospital. Money is disappearing from the bank account in a blink of an eye when it comes to booking food, ordering or selling things on different sites. One of the cheated young women said, “Recently, the doctor at the hospital called after getting a number from Google to make a booking. After a while the call comes from another number. You are asked to register with ten rupees. He was asked to download an app for her. Sixty thousand rupees disappeared from the bank account after downloading!

The girl’s father is a bank employee. The family was shocked to see the money disappear in the blink of an eye. Prolonged lockdown due to corona infection. Under house arrest for about two years. In this atmosphere, almost all the necessary activities, shopping, transactions are going on online. Lonely adults are also forced to transact money online to avoid bank crowds. And by taking advantage of that opportunity, cyber fraudsters are getting trapped in online or digital platforms by using the new Modus Operandi as a tool. Many have disappeared with their feet. Detectives are also struggling to cope with the new tactics of fraudsters.

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How to save money in the account? What are the detectives saying? Cyber ​​expert Abhishek Mitra said, “People’s greed must be controlled first. Many times during the festive season, many people click on unfamiliar links to see all the food for free. And that is the danger trap. The general public needs to be more aware. “

Detectives advise to prevent such cyber fraud-

# Unknown Unknown app should not be downloaded.

# You need to turn off Google search for any number. If necessary, go to the hospital / Amazon / Flipkart site and get the number.

# Phone KYC for update but don’t update from phone. You need to go directly to the specified store (Vodafone / Airtel) and talk about KYC.

# Do not click when a message comes from an unknown link.

# Password needs to be strong.

# Personal details (Date of Birth, Marriage Anniversary, Resident Address) are not allowed to be shared on Facebook or social sites.

# If someone makes a video call from an unknown number, the phone should not be picked up.

# In case of cyber fraud, you can complain on this site. Www.cybercrime.gov.in | You can call CID to report cyber crime – 033 24506124 You can report cyber crime to Kolkata Police, 033 2214 3000 The foreheads of the detectives are also being folded to deal with the new tactics of the fraudsters. But not only should the police administration be held accountable, the general public needs to be more aware to avoid cyber crime. Only if the police as well as themselves are aware, it is possible to stop the spread of cyber fraudsters.


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