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Kolkata: Winter conditions prevailing in the state. Today, Monday, the minimum temperature in Kolkata is 11.2 degrees Celsius. The coldest day of the season. Earlier, the minimum temperature in Kolkata dropped to 13.5 degrees Celsius. The temperature in the district is close to 10. Jabuthbu Bangla in winter from north to south across the state. The wind will continue to blow in the north for another 24 hours (West Bengal Weather Update) That is what the meteorological office said

The sunny weather has been in the hill town of Darjeeling since morning. From the view point of the mall, you can see the glittering Kanchenjunga. Tourists come to visit the fascinated mountains. According to the tourists who are fascinated by the sight of sleeping Buddha, they have never been to Darjeeling before. Ignoring the cold in Kankan, the crowd went to see the sunrise. Tourists want to come to the mall even though there is a busy day program. Kanchenjunga was left behind to take a selfie.

At the beginning of Poush, the state is trembling in winter. Scattered dense fog in North Bengal. Clear skies in Kolkata. Freezing winter in the morning. The effects of winter will intensify in the next few days. There is no chance of rain at the moment.

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Today’s (December 20, 2021) lowest temperature (degrees Celsius)

  • Birbhum – 6.1
  • Medinipur- 9.5
  • Darjeeling – 3.5
  • Digha- 9.6
  • Canning-9
  • Burdwan – 6.8
  • Bankura – 7.9
  • Asansol – 9.5

The effects of winter throughout Bengal. The temperature in Kolkata has been hovering around 14 degrees for the last few days. The temperature in the district has dropped below 11 degrees. Even lower temperatures in North Bengal. The spell of winter is going on all over Bengal. Free north wind. As the western storm recedes, the temperature will drop further. The spell of winter is about to come at the beginning of Poush. Tomorrow, the temperature in Bengal may drop by another two to three degrees.

Meanwhile, thick fog will cover the capital Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh in the next few days. Heavy fog warning in Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura. The fog will also cover Bihar, Jharkhand and the states of eastern and northeastern India.

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Ground frost situation in Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and North Rajasthan. Temperatures could drop to 5 degrees in the next few days in the states of Central India. Temperatures in northwestern India and Maharashtra are expected to drop by 3 degrees. The meteorological office has forecast a drop of 2 to 3 degrees in the eastern states of India.

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