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#Kolkata: Belgharia Expressway in pathetic condition. Giant holes in multiple places. Accidents are happening everyday. Traveling on the Belgharia Expressway in the rainy season has now become a nightmare for motorists. The condition of the lanes on both sides of the road between the airport and Dakshineswar is so bad that accidents are frequent, locals complain. It is also alleged that bikes, cars and lorries are parked in front of shops on both sides of the road in the evening.

The most important road is Belgharia Expressway. Dakshineswar is connected to the airport through this expressway. Although it was originally included in the national highway, it is now being maintained by the state’s highway division. Whether it is Bangladesh or Siliguri, cars from Assam travel on this expressway. As a result, the condition of this very important road is dilapidated and everyone has to face the ultimate difficulty.

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The road from Dakshineswar to the airport is about 2 km in front of the Baranagar metro station. On the other hand, the road from the field to the airport bridge on the Belgharia Expressway is dilapidated. The subway near Baranagar station in the opposite lane also has multiple ditches. The condition of the road opposite this subway is so bad that it takes 20 minutes to cross the road in 40 seconds.

The roof of the subway is leaking and water is constantly falling. Several large holes have been made in the road. And this is where car parts are broken every day. As a result, cars are standing on the road everyday. It also took a long time to move the car because the crane did not arrive on time. As a result, everyone has to face daily traffic jams.

Local residents and victims are questioning when this situation will change. The Highway Division of the Public Works Department is currently in charge of the maintenance of the expressway. According to them, the road work will start soon. Patch work will be done. When the rains subside, the entire road will be worked on. Local resident Sameer Baran Saha said the road was repaired only two and a half months ago. It is alleged that the money is being spent on patch work three or four times a year.

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