#Kolkata: Forty years of relationship. Together the path of political life began. Subrata Mukherjee has been a close aide since his first day as mayor. Debabrata Roychowdhury held the same post till the last day of Subrata Mukherjee’s life. How many stories in the memory album. Mountain of memory.

Subrata Mukherjee’s constant companion. Be the Mayor of Calcutta or the Minister of Panchayats. Whenever Subrata Mukherjee held the important post, Debabrata Babu was in charge of his assistant. Friend of political life. Debabrata Roychowdhury. I met Subrata Mukherjee in 1980 while studying in college.

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Young Subrata was then the president of INTUC. Since then, the couple has been friends. The path of politics began. Friendship has become closer as time goes by. In 2000, Mayor Subrata Mukherjee was called upon to act as his assistant. He is a great danger. On the one hand, a job in a bank, on the other hand, an opportunity to work as an assistant to the mayor. At the age of 53, Debabrata Roychowdhury, Subrata’s lifelong companion, took up this challenge.

News Eighteen faced Bengal and said, ‘I left my job at the bank on May 2, 2001 to join the Calcutta Corporation as an assistant to the mayor. I have never been without him since then. ‘

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But suddenly the rhythm falls. Debabrata Babu still does not believe that Subrata Mukherjee is not there. In Debabratbabu’s words, ‘My name was on his face at every moment.’ He is holding his throat while reminiscing. The eyes are getting wet. “Where is Debu?” No one is calling him today in a familiar voice. This remorse is devouring Devbratbabu every moment.

In Debabratbabu’s words, “Even though I worked under him, the relationship became like a friend.” Today Subrata Mukherjee is not there. However, the mountain of memory remains. Meeting with the then Chief Minister Jyoti Babu at the Writers’ Building for the INTUC office. That is a rare experience for Devbrat Babu. What experience? In response to the question, Debabratbabu said, “As soon as he entered the house, Subrata Mukherjee said to Jyotibabu,” He has given land to Eliteli. And don’t give land to INTUC for office? ‘ Jyoti Babu immediately arranged for the land.

Apta Sahayak of Subrata Mukherjee. But everyone’s favorite debuda in the political arena. Administrative Subrata Mukherjee has seen very closely. Always funny, endless energy, no matter how busy you are. It wouldn’t work if we didn’t hang out in Ekdalia for an hour.

From time to time various notes used to come from Minister Subrata Mukherjee for work. There were instructions in it. Debabrata Roychowdhury, 63, of Smriti Medur, wrote the last note. All his life he has followed the instructions of the notes. After saying goodbye to ‘friend’, he wrote the farewell message in one note in two pens. ‘Wherever you are, be good, Subrata. It will be yours. ‘

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