#Kolkata: Presidency University under the title again. The hostel issue came up again. This time around, however, Saltlake Square was ablaze with protests demanding the opening of a girls’ hostel at Presidency University’s Salt Lake, not a Hindu hostel. At the end, the students broke the lock of the gate of the hostel and went inside.

There is a hostel for Presidency University students in the BF block of Salt Lake, near the swimming pool. Since the lockdown started due to Corona overcrowding, hostel services have been closed since then. Since then the incidence of epilepsy has gradually decreased. Schools, colleges and all educational institutions have been opened on the instructions of the government. But the students claim that the hostel has been closed for some reason.

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It has been claimed by the students that the students had earlier informed the authorities about this in a letter. But it did not help. University authorities did not listen. The students finally started protesting on Monday. Tensions then escalated when the students broke the lock and entered the Presidency University hostel.

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“Our offline classes have started, we have to go to university every day,” the protesting students said. We have no place to stay. We have no choice but to enter the hostel. We have repeatedly appealed to the Dean, but no clear answer has been given. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. We made this decision because we could not find a solution.

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