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Dengue vaccine? The trial is starting in Kolkata and will continue in these four hospitals – News18 Bangla


# Onkar Sarkar, Kolkata: Fear of dengue means the arrival of rain Vaccine 8 is coming to prevent that dengue The trial of that vaccine is about to start in Kolkata

According to the Department of Health, the first and second rounds of dengue vaccine trials have already been completed in Latin America and several Asian countries. This time the third phase trial is going to start in 4 hospitals of Kolkata There are two government hospitals and two private hospitals

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So far, trials of the dengue vaccine have begun at the BC Roy Children’s Hospital and the School of Tropical Medicine. Apart from this, trials will also be held in two private hospitals Ruby and Medica In the third phase, a total of 480 people will be tested for dengue vaccine The vaccine will be administered to 60 people in Kolkata

Vaccines will be given to people between the ages of 4 to 16 and 18 to 60. Two doses of dengue vaccine 7 There is an interval of 90 days between the two doses A total of 19,900 people were reportedly vaccinated in the first and second phases, with positive results. The Takeda pharmaceutical company of Japan has developed this dengue vaccine Vaccine facilitator Snehendu Konar said the study claimed that 84 per cent of patients would no longer need to be hospitalized if they had been vaccinated against dengue.

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