Abir Ghoshal, Kolkata: A special menu is being organized at any Bengali festival on the initiative of the Rajya Panchayat office. Rain is not an exception. From today until the next few days in the rainy season you will get delicious food during the rainy season. Khichdi in Monsoon Menu will be available through free home delivery.

If you spend only 140 rupees, you will get this delicious lunch. Deepavali or Vaifonta thali from the enjoyment of Durgapuja. In Rath Utsav, young goat meat soup is made on New Year’s Day from Voger Thali just like Puri. For all types of people, the Comprehensive Area Development Corporation under the State Panchayat Office is organizing different flavors of food.

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In this case, the price of each lunch packet has been kept at 120 rupees. Arrangements have been made to pay online or in cash on delivery. This lunch packet will include a plate of khichuri, a piece of potato, six pieces of boneless chicken, a piece of fried eggplant, and a delicious mango chutney. Orders can be placed from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Apart from Kolkata municipality area, CADC authorities will provide this service in Bidhannagar, Barahanagar, South Dumdum municipality area. WhatsApp number has been launched for ordering since Saturday. WhatsApp numbers are – 8160694, 9835929413 and 9173123556.

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Today, the rain forecast is starting from Tuesday. The meteorological department said the cyclone could cause heavy to very heavy rains. It has been raining since Monday morning. On that occasion, from today till Wednesday, the state panchayat office has organized a delicious lunch at low cost. Lunch will be delivered to your home by placing an order on their WhatsApp number. The Comprehensive Area Development Corporation is in charge of organizing this event on behalf of the Panchayat Office.

An official of the department said, “People do not have to go out to eat during the festival. All foods are said to be perfectly balanced. We are making everything. Besides, we are doing free delivery at home. So the demand of people is increasing towards our menu. And the favorite food in the rainy season is khichuri. There is no substitute for delicious Dhakai Khichuri at home in this rainy season. “

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