#Kolkata: BJP’s all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh paid a morning visit to Newtown Ecopark. Dilip Ghosh opened his mouth in the context of the world record (100 Crore Covid-19 Vaccination) in the face of journalists. He said that as the only country in the world, India has completed one hundred crore vaccine doses today. Undoubtedly it is an honor for us. I think a backward country like India is leading the world. In this context, Dilip Ghosh mocked the state government and said that even after this, there are complaints and mismanagement about vaccination in the state.

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Dilip Ghosh further said, “Many developed countries who have made great strides in medical science have also lagged behind. In other countries, one vaccine (Covid-19 Vaccination) is being given twice in our country. We are giving fifty poor people for the sake of humanity. It is possible that there is a leadership like Narendra Modi in the country today (100 Crore Covid-19 Vaccination) and those who are involved in this work today, health workers, doctors, researchers, all People deserve credit for that, everyone should be thanked. “

Dilip Ghosh then lashed out at the state government, saying, “Even then, the Center does not vaccinate the state. These are nothing but inferiority, incompetence and low-level politics.” At the same time, Dilip Ghosh claimed, “People all over the country are happy with the vaccination process. I went to other states too. I got a vaccine myself in Delhi. There is no quarrel anywhere. Normally people are coming and taking it but there is no system. What’s more unfortunate than dying.

In the words of Dilip Ghosh, “This government has no capacity to do a job properly. It is not clear who is getting the vaccine and who is not in the state where hundreds of millions of people across the country have been vaccinated. People are not getting to the villages. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. “

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At the same time, Dilip Ghosh on Thursday slammed the Supreme Court government over the Uttar Pradesh incident. He questioned the Yogi government in the Lakhimpur Khiri case in Uttar Pradesh. Dilip Ghosh said they have done what the Uttar Pradesh government has to do. He alleged that similar incidents were reported in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and other states but only Uttar Pradesh was exaggerated. Dilip Ghosh termed this incident as a bigger conspiracy.

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