Dilip Ghosh: ‘Am I leaving BJP too?’

#Kolkata: While in Kolkata, BJP all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh comes to Newtown Ecopark every morning for a morning walk. And it is customary for Dilip Babu to respond to various issues at seven in the morning. Not so today. The results of Tripura from Calcutta pre-poll, Arjun Singh from Babul Supriya, no issue was left out.

Regarding the results of Tripura’s general election, Dilip Ghosh said:

I don’t think there has been any fuss. Work will not be anything. And can you win by borrowing everything from here? The people there will make the right decision. I don’t think the grassroots will get a single seat. If the BJP does not field a candidate somewhere, it may win.

Dilip Ghosh said after the announcement of Trinamool candidate in Kolkata Pur polls:

This is the normal grassroots. Some have even resigned from the party. Tussle episode has started in TMC. There is no party, there are police and there are thugs. The bullets are being fired. Can’t handle the party, that’s why Tripura and Goa are being shown. The election is one-sided, you know we will win only if we get a ticket. That is why there is a fight.

Regarding the absence of MP Arjun Singh in the BJP’s pre-poll meeting, Dilip Ghosh said:

It is divided into four parts, they sit down and fix it separately. Apart from Arjun Singh’s party, he said, “There is also speculation about me, whether I am leaving the party or not.”

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Dilip Ghosh said about not fielding Babul Supriya as Trinamool candidate in Kolkata polls.

Who showed that dream? You are showing. You have to keep your feet on the ground of reality.

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When will your candidate be announced? In this regard, Dilip Ghosh said:

Our party runs according to a system. Many have skipped during the assembly. Couldn’t open account. The brigade also held a big meeting. But what is the result of the assembly! In politics, all parties run in their own style. We are the All India Party. It will be announced in due course. Those of us who have workers have a better chance of running for office and we are more likely to fight and win to win the election.

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