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Dilip Ghosh: BJP has big responsibility for Pamela’s involvement in drug case! What Dilip Ghosh said …


#Kolkata: He is no longer the state president, but the BJP’s all-India co-president. However, Dilip Ghosh’s remarks still stir up state politics. Body conscious Dilip Ghosh comes to Echo Park in New Town every morning. And besides physical exercise, he also opened his mouth in the media. The day the results of the five state assembly elections were announced was no different. Even today, Dilip Ghosh has given his statement on various issues.

Dilip Ghosh is optimistic about winning with the results of five state assemblies. In his words, “BJP government will be everywhere. But in Punjab, we did not lead directly, we stayed with other parties. This time we have led, there will be good results in Punjab.

What will be the grassroots factor in Goa. In this context, Dilip Ghosh said, “Trinamool will not be a factor. Last time there was a trident in Goa. We had 11 seats, that’s how we ran the government. This time the seats will increase. The government will be ours. “

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On the other hand, Pamela Goswami, who is involved in drug cases, has been posted in charge of the cultural cell of the BJP’s youth front. Dilip Ghosh’s response in this regard, “OK. New people are being brought. Experimenting. People in the cultural world should be given cultural responsibility. “

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Regarding the distribution of BJP’s laddu in the assembly, Dilip Ghosh said, “When the party was small, I used to distribute lozenges. Now the party is big, now laddu should be fed on happy day. But I don’t know if others will eat, our people will eat. “

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