#Kolkata: This time, did the state BJP leadership clash with Locket Chatterjee, a BJP MP from Hooghly? At least that’s the hint. After the defeat in the Assembly elections, one by-election after another, the BJP has lost the by-elections. At the same time, the rift within the team has been intense. The failure of the leadership to emerge behind the failure of the BJP, as well as the rift within the party seems to be one of the reasons. In this situation, a short tweet of Locket Chatterjee was recently re-twisted. He also asked the party leadership to take responsibility for the defeat. The situation was such that even though Lockett was present at the party’s think tank meeting on Saturday, he was not called to the stage. This time, BJP’s all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh directly attacked the party’s MP.

Speaking on the occasion, Dilip Ghosh lashed out at the party leadership, saying, “If anyone blames him for not participating in the elections, then his irresponsibility is questioned. If someone ignores his own responsibilities and puts the blame on others, that is not introspection, it has become gossip. If those who are not on the ground make such complaints, it does not matter. “

What did Lockett say? Hooghly MPs were clear about the BJP’s failure in the pre-poll, this time the party has to admit its mistake. In his words, “liability cannot be overcome. Terrorism or whatever, the verdict has to be taken to get the head. We have to admit the mistake and go to the people. ‘

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Recently, the results of 108 municipalities of the state have been released. Far from occupying any municipality, the BJP has lagged behind the Left in terms of vote share. The BJP state leadership has accused the vote of terrorism. However, it is not going to cover the failure of the team. The same tune on the neck of the locket. Locket Chatterjee, the BJP’s state general secretary and MP, tweeted the word ‘introspection’ after the preliminary results were released. Then go straight to the attack.

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However, Dilip Ghosh’s sarcasm, “Many people are speaking on social media like themselves, those who have never been out of the house, they are making big comments. What is the reason for the defeat in the pre-election, that is why Chintan has been sitting in the meeting. Organizational weakness is not the only reason. If there is organizational weakness, how is the leadership coming to the meeting? Terrorism, violence, looting are also the reasons for BJP’s defeat.

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