#Kolkata: BJP all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh paid a morning visit to Newtown Ecopark on Monday as usual. And after being confronted by the media, he opened his mouth again on more than one issue.

The tenure of CBI ED officials was extended even after their term expired. In this regard, Dilip Ghosh said, “If the services of qualified officers can be extended, then what is the fault. What is happening in West Bengal? He is being used again even after the Chief Secretary has retired. Crowds of retired people in all departments. Not getting a new job. Those who criticize have started these. When there was a Congress government at the center, they did too. We know that there are less officers and staff everywhere, less experienced people, if the government takes the services of those who are experienced, I think it will be good.

The people of the party are accusing the BJP of financial corruption. The embarrassment of the Gerua camp is increasing. Dilip Ghosh also said, “No one has to complain. People do this for different interests in different senses. There is no proof of this. But those who have been jailed, in whose name the case is going, do not have to prove it anymore. Day after day they are in jail and they are talking big.

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After that, in the context of Trinamool’s allegations about Tripura, Dilip Ghosh added, “I said keep an eye on the thieves who have gone to Tripura. Who are the leaders who have gone? We have not filed a case against them. The TMC government has sued its own people. As many tainted leaders have been sent there by line. There are allegations of corruption and violence against multiple grassroots leaders. Today the whole grassroots party is full of corruption. What will they ask people? There are a lot of videos on the streets, a lot of people saying a lot. The party has no responsibility for it. “

The Nandigram case is scheduled to be heard in the High Court and Supreme Court on the same day. Regarding this, Dilip Ghosh said, “Anyone can go to the court. As the court directs, it must be obeyed. Everyone should cooperate in this matter. ” Meanwhile, after returning to the party, Dilip Ghosh was asked to respond to the objections and comments of a large section of the Trinamool Congress regarding Rajiv Banerjee. The BJP’s all-India co-president said, “It’s their business. Who will not let anyone enter. That party is like that. Everyone runs their own business there. No one wants to leave the place. They have instilled corruption and violence in every nook and cranny of West Bengal. “

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