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Dilip Ghosh: ‘Center money party promotion, used kids!’ Dilip Ghosh was blown away! Where did you fly?


#Kolkata: BJP all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh left for Delhi on Monday morning. Earlier, he attacked the ruling Trinamool Congress and the state government on multiple issues while standing at the Calcutta airport.

He said that the project is being run with the money of the central government and the party is being promoted. The Chief Minister also appealed to the families who have received the healthcare project to promote it. This is an example of grassroots party propaganda with government money. Politics is also being propagated with small children.

Dilip Ghosh’s sarcasm about the ED’s summons to Abhishek Banerjee and his counter-reaction, “He went to jail with his head held high. Those who are tainted with the ink of apparent corruption, nothing is left out, they do not make big words on their faces.

Regarding the late arrival of forensics in the murder case of Congress councilor Tapan Kandur, Dilip Ghosh said, “These are examples of the politics that Mamata Banerjee has started. There is no investigation for the opposition. More than two hundred of our officers have died, they have not been investigated, no one has been arrested, no one has been convicted. The government is also using the police to promote politics. All the instruments of administration are being used in party politics. Opponents have no protection, no dignity. This usage implies.

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Regarding the state security given to BJP MP Jagannath Sarkar, Dilip Ghosh said, “It should have been given earlier. Not before, when there was a deadly attack, then. It’s showing people. We do not trust the state government. That is why we have repeatedly told the central government that they have given us central protection. “

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Regarding the clashes in different parts of the state, Dilip Ghosh said, “Bobby Hakim has said that there will be one or two disturbances. What will work if not the police! The work of the police is so much, the TMC is busy settling the quarrel, protecting their leaders, winning the votes of the TMC leaders – all this the police are busy doing. And politics is being done by inserting all the miscreants in the party. They are the ones who have disturbed West Bengal and made human life miserable. “

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