#Kolkata: In the East Bengal (West Bengal Municipal Election Results 2022) BJP did a miserable job. After all, in South Bengal, in North Bengal too, the Gerua camp is practically washed away. BJP’s co-president Dilip Ghosh opened his mouth in this situation. He responded to a number of issues, including the failure of the BJP in the by-elections and the rise of the Left. Let’s see what the former state president of BJP said … Trinamool triumph in North Bengal. Regarding this, BJP’s all-India co-president and MP Dilip Ghosh said …

The BJP was nowhere to be found. Last Lok Sabha, then came the Legislative Assembly. The people of North Bengal never like the politics of violence. The people of North Bengal do not want the politics of South Bengal. The municipality won by force with the police. Not voting. With this politics Bengal may be occupied. But the development of Bengal can never be done.

Dilip Ghosh said that leftists occupy the second position in the municipality …

How many municipalities were occupied by leftists before, and how many are there now? Why the left is second, the first was one time. This time the left has been made second in the vote that has been cast. The current situation of CPIM is that nothing can be done even by giving them medicine. The grassroots want the left to be in second place. But people are no longer accepting the Left Front. Moral victory of BJP.

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Regarding the defeat of the grassroots to the agitated grassroots, Dilip Ghosh said …

What was voted, it was not voted. Trinamool has given tickets to the old people of Trinamool, most of them who run syndicates, those who are promoters, those who have earned money. And those who did not get it, they stood up and won. Those who have the manpower, they vote. Those who were not given grassroots tickets, realized that they have the manpower, they have the money, they got the vote and won.

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Regarding BJP’s visit to the cold storage, Dilip Ghosh said …

See when the election comes. The way 70 people have been killed after the election, framed in fake cases, the workers are all scared. Fifty percent of the workers did not go to the polls. Naturally, if you come out again, you will be beaten, you will be framed in a false case, that’s why you didn’t come out. The next time you go out, the party will be active again.

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