Dilip Ghosh: Dilip Ghosh went to Delhi at seven in the morning! He will take care of the ‘state interest’ in the fight for pre-election

#Kolkata: BJP’s all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh went to Delhi. Earlier, Dilip Ghosh stood at the Calcutta airport and said, “Parliament is starting its session. The biggest issue is the withdrawal of agricultural bills. There are some financial bills, they will be passed. All our MPs will be there, so we are going too. Then, as the municipal vote progresses, we will have to give time for campaigning. “

Although the Trinamool, Left and Congress have all announced their candidate lists, Gerua Shibir has not yet announced its candidate list in the Kolkata polls. In this context, Dilip Ghosh said, “The announcement will be made today. The list of candidates will be announced from Kolkata. “Convening a meeting of the Congress opposition parties in Delhi, Dilip said,” These dramas are very old. Sometimes with the Congress, sometimes excluding the Congress when meeting. The question is, who will call the meeting of the opposition, the quarrel has started. Will Congress call or will the Trinamool call or will other parties call? That’s exactly what they did, Nick. Who will be the leader, Mamata Banerjee wants to be the leader, Sonia Gandhi’s day is gone, this session will be over by doing this.

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However, the BJP’s all-India co-president said, “We have no problem with eradicating the grassroots. The government is doing its job. But at the all-India level, the country is recovering from the Kovid epidemic. The country is slowly developing. Many people lost their jobs and are getting jobs again. The central government will try to do what it has not been able to do in the last two years to serve the people. “

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Speaking on the winter session, Dilip Ghosh said, “Our government wants to work with everyone in the interest of the country. Be it constructive opposition, opponents will surely oppose, if there is anything to be opposed, it must be opposed. Only then will successful democracy be reflected. We are ready for that. We want to take the country forward by doing whatever is in the interest of the state. “

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