#Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee was again targeted by Dilip Ghosh, the BJP’s all-India vice-president and a BJP MP from Medinipur. On Sunday morning, while visiting New Town Eco Park, Dilip attacked Mamata Banerjee on one issue after another. Take a look at what he said …

The Chief Minister went to Delhi and said that a public interest litigation was being filed in the Calcutta High Court for political motives and there were few judges here. In response to this question, Dilip Ghosh said, why would there be murder in the interest of politics, he will not judge or suppress, then if someone goes to court, how is it politics? Murder can be for political interests, it will be for political interests as soon as you go to court? It is true that a judge is needed, but it should be properly communicated to the government in writing. The Chief Minister did not go to the dinner with the Prime Minister yesterday. In this context, Dilip Ghosh quipped, “Surely there was an Iftar party somewhere else, so the Chief Minister did not go.”

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The Trinamool Congress will agitate on the jute issue. In this context, Dilip Ghosh’s sarcasm, “I have been sleeping for 11 years. Arjun Singh will tell you to go after him. Will the party make a movement, what have they done for the jute industry after coming to power? Talking to people, Arjun Singh will raise questions, now that has woken them up. “

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Arjun Singh has met Union Minister Piyush Goel on the jute issue. Asked how much the problem would be solved, Dilip Ghosh said, “It’s good. Whatever Arjun Singh wants, it should be said in the right place. The government is serious enough. Even before this, Piyush Goel has given benefits and subsidies for many projects. If there is anything to be done after that, the government will do it. “

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