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Dilip Ghosh: ‘If he becomes president, terrorism will increase in the country’, who did Dilip Ghosh target? Noisy noise


#Kolkata: BJP’s all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh scoffed at the opposition over the presidential election. Arriving at the Ecopark in the morning, he said, “Sharad Power had contacts with terrorists. If there is such a president, terrorism will increase in the country. No one wants to be a chicken. At the age of Sharad Pawar, he is not agreeing. Didi thinks that if everyone tells her once, she will agree. But no one is saying his name. ” 16 parties joined the meeting, but Dilip Ghosh questioned their existence. He also quipped that the Chief Minister’s desire to be an All India Leader is long overdue.

“People are losing confidence in the CBI,” Dilip Ghosh said in response to the allegations. The people have the same confidence in the CBI investigation. “Dilip also sneered at the unity of the opposition.” There was a huge rally before the 19th election. Many leaders came. Where are they all? They have no loyal leader. “

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A grassroots delegation from the center. In this context, Dilip Ghosh’s sarcasm, “Come and have tea. Everyday trouble in the state. SSC, Tate’s dharna is going on. We are moving. He has gone to Delhi to escape from this. “Regarding the appointment of BJP observers in 42 Lok Sabha constituencies in the state, Dilip Ghosh said,” The party has started preparations for the 24th general elections. Good results are required. That’s why experienced leaders, ministers are used. “

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Trinamool MLA Shawkat Mollah’s allegation that CBI is in fact a conspiracy of BJP. In this context, Dilip’s sarcasm countered, “Where all the tainted people are grassroots. They are running the government. Then you have to think about where the party is. “

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