#Kolkata: After the announcement of the Chief Minister, he raised the question, how true is this claim at all? West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi to inaugurate the World Bengal Trade Conference. And the Chief Minister said, the Prime Minister has also accepted that invitation. But BJP’s all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh has expressed doubts about Mamata Banerjee’s demand. However, he also claimed that Modi’s face would bring art to Bengal.

Dilip Ghosh is going to Delhi on Thursday. Earlier, standing at the airport, he said, “Whether the Prime Minister has responded to the invitation of the Chief Minister of this state at the World Bengal Trade Conference or not, it is subject to proof. The Chief Minister has given this information to the media. What happened, inside, we don’t know. It is doubtful whether what he said was true. The Prime Minister has not said anything yet. This is what Mamata should have done ten years ago. Then he did not understand. What has become of Gujarat today in the image of Modiji! Maybe he understood that after going to Tripura. Modi means industry and development. So Mamata Banerjee is now eager to bring Modi. If this happens, then the boys of Bengal will get jobs. The economy of Bengal will be strengthened. But I don’t know how accurate it is. He said this in front of you.

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After that Dilip Ghosh left for Tripura pre-vote. He sneered at the ruling party in the state, saying, “The Trinamool seems to be fighting alone in Tripura. That’s not the point at all. Only Agartala has given candidates for some seats. The rest is nowhere. And to complain a little. Otherwise the media will not show. They will not get publicity either. “

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Meanwhile, the notification of Kolkata pre-poll may be issued today. He also challenged the Trinamool Congress in that regard, saying, “BJP will go to court again only if the election notification is issued in Kolkata municipality.” Depriving all the states, why vote only in Calcutta? Votes are left everywhere for two to three years. Everyone has the right to an elected representative. “

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