#Kolkata: After Shuvendu Adhikari, this time Dilip Ghosh. The Bengal BJP has been vocal in demanding presidential rule since the Ekushey assembly elections, citing the deteriorating law and order situation in Bengal. Meanwhile, the state’s opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari has been heard making another explosive remark. On Tuesday, he said, “In 2024, the Lok Sabha and the Legislative Assembly will vote together. There is no need to know how. And in response to Shuvendu’s remarks, BJP’s all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh also said, adding to the fog.

What did Dilip Ghosh say? Answering a question on the same day, he said, “There will be a Lok Sabha vote in 2024, and in whatever state the state may be, there may be an Assembly vote as well.” The BJP’s demand for presidential rule did not materialize as demanded by the BJP. On the contrary, internal quarrels of the BJP are constantly coming to the fore.

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In such a situation, in the wake of such remarks by the Leader of the Opposition and then the party’s all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh, political analysts claim that Shuvendu Adhikari may have directed the dissolution of the assembly. That is why he has spoken of holding assembly elections long before the time. And Dilip Ghosh practically supported his words.

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Meanwhile, in unison with the BJP, Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar again raised questions about the law and order situation in the state. But Union Home Minister Amit Shah himself has made it clear that there will be no presidential rule in Bengal. During his visit to Bengal, he directly rejected the proposal to issue section 375 at a party meeting in Calcutta. Amit Shah said, ‘Trinamool Congress has come to power for the third time after winning a huge vote. An elected government cannot be overthrown by issuing section 357. Politically, we have to fight against the ruling party of Bengal. Therefore, after such a statement of the Home Minister himself, the explosive demands of the Leader of the Opposition have caused a real commotion in the state politics.

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