#Kolkata: Dilip Ghosh, the BJP’s all-India vice-president and a BJP MP from Midnapore, visited Newtown’s Ecopark in the morning on Sunday morning and spoke to reporters on a number of issues.

Speaking in Hyderabad yesterday, Amit Shah alleged that the Telangana chief minister was trying to make Bengali. In response to this question, Dilip Ghosh said, “Eight women and two children were burnt to death inside the house. A 13-year-old girl is being raped and murdered. Such incidents are happening in the neighborhoods, killings are taking place. It did not discredit Bengal and if Amit Shah says Bengal will be discredited! The whole country needs to know how politics is going on in West Bengal, how the legal system is here, what is the state of democracy, the whole country should know. In Telangana too, as our party has become stronger lately, we have done well in the Hyderabad Corporation elections. Since then, the BJP has been in a state of turmoil, with Sanjay Kumar, the party’s president and MP, being arrested and tortured for cutting the grill of the party office and cutting gas. Naturally, therefore, Amit Shah compared the situation in Hyderabad with the situation here.

Regarding the resignation of Biplob Deb as the Chief Minister of Tripura five years ago, he said, “It happens in many states, it has to be done in many places.” The party did what it thought was right. If the period of revolution is bad, how does the corporation win the general election? Can’t say rigging, opponents say peaceful vote. It is not the grassroots, the leadership for this is the change. It’s in the organization, it’s in the administration. “

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Prashant Kumar, the ringleader of the international hawala smuggling ring, has been arrested. In this context, Dilip Ghosh said, “They have chosen West Bengal as a shelter for such criminals. They know no one will bother, they have contacts with the people of the ruling party. So they have been doing this for so long. Many such networks are operating, which the police do not consider necessary to shut down. West Bengal will become a place for criminals.

Regarding the Rahra bomb blast, he said, “Every day we see in the media that shots are being fired or bombs are being detonated somewhere. Where are we, why is this happening, why the police are sitting on their hands, the criminals have now become the leader of the party, the police do not have the courage to touch them! We saw that the party leader was the biggest culprit in the Bogatui case. The Chief Minister has to say his name in front of everyone. How can we expect the police to do anything? These will not stop, they will continue to grow. “

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After the Bogtui scandal, the Chief Minister said that all illegal weapons should be recovered. Dilip Ghosh’s response in that regard, “We have seen that after the Chief Minister said the people were brought forward to show people where the real weapons are, who knows who has them, the police will not search the police The criminals are now running this party, the government is running, Bangla is running.

Mayor Firhad Hakim has expressed dissatisfaction over the role of Metrorail in the case of cracks in the house again for the work of Metro in Bou Bazar. In response to that question, Dilip Ghosh said, “Ask the mayor to admit his guilt first. The metro line turned unplanned. As a result, there are problems again and again. Guy will turn everything upside down by going into politics loudly, ordinary people are suffering for it. People should apologize before them. Why do this kind of politics? In Kolkata, those who can’t get water or electricity can’t talk like this. “

— Sahnik Ghosh

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