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Dilip Ghosh: Nadda Dawaiye Naram Dilip Ghosh? Finally admit to receiving the letter! Rumors of dissatisfaction


#Kolkata: In the end, Dilip Ghosh admitted that he had received Naddar’s ‘Farman’ written by Central General Secretary Arun Singh in his own words. “I will not give any letter. No one wanted to inform me. No one asked me to inform. Then why should I write again?” Said Dilip.

After receiving Naddar’s showcase letter, Dilip admitted in a private conversation at the party’s state office that he had received the mail. However, it left early Wednesday morning after the tour. Dilip said, “After returning from the morning walk this morning, I went to check the mail as usual and saw Naddaji’s mail. However, the arrogant Dilip has decided not to reply to the mail for the time being.

Arun Singh’s mail came to the notice of the media, warning Naddar and instructing Dilip. After that the storm swept the state politics There was a flurry of talk inside and outside the party about practically showing Dilip. Various speculations However, Dilip Saf said he had not received any such mail. State President Sukant Majumder and state leaders also said they did not know anything about it. But, as time goes on, the authenticity of the letter becomes as clear as daylight.

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Even then, Dilip spoke to the media in his usual manner on Wednesday. He maintained the previous position regarding the letter sent by the Center. But, finally, he accepted the letter on Wednesday afternoon. Dilip arrived at the state office at around 4 pm and went straight to his two-storey house. He spoke to a handful of people who were “closed doors.”

In the course of the conversation, Dilip admitted receiving the letter and said, “I have nothing to say about this. Complaints against me in Delhi are nothing new. I have talked to Naddaji about this many times. Even then, on March 25, in Delhi, Naddaji called and wanted to know about something like this. Then I listened to the audio and video of my speech from my mobile phone. “

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According to observers, even after watching that video clip of Dilip, Nadda has attached importance to the allegations made against him by a section of the state and central leadership. Dilip understands that for whatever reason, Nadda could not trust his statement. Yesterday, after sending the letter, no one even contacted Dilip Ghosh on behalf of the Center. That is also the reason for Dilip’s arrogance. Dilip said, “No one from the center wanted to know. And, why would the state want? “

According to people close to Dilip, Dilip’s remarks about the state are indicative enough. Because, Dilip thinks that a part of the present state leadership of the party is behind this strong medicine of the Center against Dilip. However, due to the situation, Dilip is cautious for now. According to political circles, he wants to keep an eye on the situation. That is why on the one hand, Dilip wants to give a message to the central leadership without going into confrontation with the state president, just as he wants to put a temporary restraint on making statements in the media in compliance with Nadda’s medicine. To that end, Dilip Ghosh will be present along with state president Sukant Majumdar at a party function at Tehatta in Nadia today.

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