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Dilip Ghosh: New strategy for Bengal in Mizoram Dilip Ghosh, tumultuous party


#Kolkata: Dilip Ghosh had to go to Mizoram on the instructions of the Center. In the 24th Lok Sabha polls, the BJP is gearing up to reinstate Modi in the Delhi masnad. The BJP has started working to strengthen the party’s organization. Former state president Dilip Ghosh, now national co-president. In order to strengthen the party booths across the country, Dilip has been tasked with strengthening the party booths in states like Assam, Mizoram, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh in the northeast.

Dilip went to Mizoram following Naddar’s instructions. However, sitting in Mizoram, Dilip is not giving up on state politics. What did Dilip do? He tweeted from Mizoram that if there was any specific allegation of corruption in education in the state, he should e-mail it to Dilip Ghosh. Dilip also mentioned his own mail ID to send appropriate information and evidence in support of the allegations.

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The debate begins here. Question 1) Dilip Ghosh is no longer a state leader in that sense. He is a national leader. The present state president himself has taken such an initiative on the issue of education corruption. Then why did Dilip take this initiative in a different way? If so, does Dilip want to show the team with an ace to Sukant? Question 2) Part of the party is saying, Dilip Ghosh is the all-India leader from the state BJP today. He either took to the field on issues like education corruption. But, to complain, why did the state say to send the personal e-mail, despite having the official e-mail of the BJP? So is he trying to differentiate himself from this initiative of the state BJP? Want to show that the people of the state understand Dilip Ghosh to be the leader of BJP?

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Observers think that in order to get an answer to Dilip’s tweet-tactics, one has to look back. Before the 21st Assembly vote, the Trinamool then took to the field with the slogan “Tell Didi”. Dilip trumped this slogan against grassroots corruption in Jarbar for allegedly stealing relief money in Amfan. As a result, it is nothing new to Dilip.

But the difference is that at that time Dilip Ghosh was the leader of the state BJP. The only face of the team. But, today it is not Dilip. People close to him say, is this a new move to make Dilip’s ‘jalghola’ knowingly! Or Dilip trying desperately to keep himself relevant in state politics? However, no matter what the critics say, state president Sukant Majumder has openly sided with Dilip’s efforts. According to Sukant, “If Dilip Da does something well, it will be a double benefit for the party.” However, Sukant reminded that he has already taken this initiative on behalf of the state BJP.

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