Dilip Ghosh on Babul Supriyo | ‘Babul Supriya Political Tourist …’ Dilip Ghosh detonated one bomb after another on the issue of defection

#Kolkata: Babul Supriya left the team without any advance signal. The relationship between the two of them was always shaky. This time, Dilip Ghosh on Babul Supriyo called Babul Supriyo a political tourist. Dilip Ghosh’s argument is that Babul Supriya is not a matter of profit or loss. In his words, Babul Political Tourist, will come and go. There was no gain from the team, no loss.

Dilip Ghosh on Babul Supriyo said, “He is a star. He has never been a member of the party. Friend is a man. I used to say he is not a politician. He used to be passionate. Artist people. “

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Dilip Ghosh is unwilling to see Babul’s departure too big. But he wants to recognize the disease from the symptoms. When Shamik Bhattacharya says that the people of Bengal do not like Ayaram Gyaram politics, Dilip directly questions the top leadership. On Saturday evening, Babul Supriyo said without naming his name (Dilip Ghosh on Babul Supriyo), I have asked the top leaders where those who came to be Chief Minister or Minister have gone.

This Sunday morning, however, Dilip Ghosh was seen in a very light mood. This is the first time Priyanka has come to Bhabanipur to promote Tibrewal. The two preached together in turn. Dilip Ghosh wanted to convey that there will be no harm to the team as Babul Supriya is gone.

But Babul was the star preacher of the team! For the time being, the entire BJP is trying to avoid this unpleasant truth about Babul Supriya before the Bhabanipur by-election. Someone fired a cannon at him in a slightly louder tone, someone a lot softer. For example, Swapan Dasgupta thinks that the departure of Babul is a great loss. Dilip Ghosh wants to draw attention to the ground floor. In his words, “Babul Supriya MP became a minister. The head danced, the news is that he is leaving the party. There is no news about those who have been beaten.”

-Reporter- Sushovan Bhattacharya

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