#Kolkata: He reached Goa on Sunday, and Babul Supriyo is starting his first political role for the Trinamool from Monday. Since taking power for the third time in the state, the Trinamool has been building organizations in other states. In fact, the Trinamool wants to throw a tough challenge to the BJP in 2024 under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee. And in that sense, they have taken Tripura, Assam as well as Goa as the recent ‘target’. Abhishek Banerjee, the party’s all-India general secretary, has made it clear that the Trinamool is vying to win the Goa assembly elections in 2022. The Trinamool has been campaigning in Goa since Monday. And that is the beginning of holding the hand of Babul Supriya. He is accompanied by Trinamool MPs Saugat Roy, Derek and Bryan. This time, BJP’s all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh scoffed at Babul’s new responsibility.

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Asked about Babul Supriya’s visit to Goa and his responsibilities in the grassroots, Dilip Ghosh said, “Let the grassroots start in Goa first, what will happen after that will be seen.” And they have given responsibility to good people (laughs). The situation in Goa is not like Tollygunge. ” Dilip Ghosh’s clash with Babul Supriya is well known. Even when he was in the team, there was a daily quarrel with Dilip Babu in Babul. It can be said that the ‘tradition’ has continued even after the change of party.

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Incidentally, this grassroots campaign in Goa has been named ‘Goenchi Navi Sakal’. Babul, Saugatara will start this program starting from Panaji. In this situation, Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee is going to Goa on October 26. At that time also the former MP of Asansol was staying in Goa. No matter how much the BJP mocks the grassroots over Goa, Babul said the future of the grassroots in Goa is bright. According to him, “all the leaders who are joining the Trinamool in Goa will have good enough results.”

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Not only that, the Trinamool is sending Babul to Goa, Babul thanked the Trinamool leadership in a tweet after the announcement. “I am honored and grateful to the team for giving me this responsibility,” he wrote. Whatever I do, I will do with my heart. I am determined to give my best in this assignment. ” However, he has not yet opened his mouth about Dilip’s sarcasm. However, Saugat Roy said, “Dilip Ghosh is a useless person. The BJP lost under his leadership. Dilip Ghosh’s post has gone, but nonsense has not stopped.

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