Dilip Ghosh on Bhabanipur By Poll: Dilban Ghosh on Bhabanipur Smiling, pushing, blood! Which is …

#Kolkata: And only three days. The by-election will be held on September 30 at Bhabanipur Center (Bhabanipur By Poll). And in that high voltage election, on the one hand there is Trinamool candidate Mamata Banerjee, on the other hand there is BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal. And today is the last day of campaigning in this by-election of Bhabanipur. The BJP, however, has repeatedly complained of obstruction of the Bhabanipur campaign. It is reported that in the last day’s campaign, they have fielded 70 leaders in Bhabanipur. Meanwhile, BJP’s all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh faced strong protests in Bhabanipur. Just as he was accused of pushing grassroots activists around him, so were Dilip Ghosh’s security guards being accused of firing back.

It is learned that while Dilip Ghosh was distributing leaflets in Jadubabur Bazaar, Trinamool activists came in front of him. The slogan ‘Joy Bangla’ also started around the BJP’s former state president. BJP leaders and activists kept chanting ‘Joy Sriram’. Dilip also gave a slogan.

In that situation, Dilip Ghosh was pushed. Again the slogan was, ‘Dilip Ghosh go away’. One BJP worker was injured in the clash. Dilip Ghosh took him with him. This morning, another BJP MP Arjun Singh was interrupted in Bhabanipur. He, however, left without preaching.

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But Dilip Ghosh did not go without publicity. Instead, he continued his campaign during the protests. He sneered at the grassroots and said, ‘The grassroots cannot go to the people. So the BJP is lagging behind. I have been repeatedly interrupted. But I did what I had to do. ‘ Recently, BJP’s all-India spokesperson Sambit Patra came to Bhabanipur to take part in the BJP’s campaign. Last Friday morning, during the campaign around Priyanka, there was a temporary tension in Bhabanipur around Sambit Patra. Sambit Patra was campaigning with BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal on Chakraberia Road. That’s when the Trinamool activists started chanting ‘Joy Bangla’ around them. At the same time the song starts, ‘Tum to the pardesi ..’.

Initially, there was no counter-slogan, but later the BJP started chanting counter-slogans like ‘Joy Sriram’ and ‘Joy Jagannath’. That tension, however, did not go far. Both sides avoid each other. But on this day, the incident of Dilip Ghosh caused a lot of tension in Bhabanipur area.

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