#Kolkata: Fighting in the tiger’s den with the tiger itself. No matter how enthusiastic the party was about the clash with Mamata Banerjee in Bhabanipur, Dilip Ghosh seemed a bit stunned. In Bhabanipur, he completed his campaign by bowing down. But in the end, the former president wants to take the party by storm (Dilip Ghosh on Bhabanipur Bypoll). He leaked that information.

Dilip Ghosh said today, “Today our party will be campaigning in 80 places together. All the leaders and activists are coming down. The campaign will be carried out today in the same way as I started going from house to house with leaflets. We are all going down today.”

But the struggle in Bhabanipur is unequal, says a section of the political circles. Dilip Ghosh is reluctant to listen to those theories. He said, “It will be understood on the 3rd which side the margin will increase and which will decrease. We have confidence in the common people. They signal us again and again that they change. We believe that the people of West Bengal will decide according to the politically conscious situation.”

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The counter question is, he had said about 200 seats before BJP. But the seats came to a standstill at 7. Dilip Ghosh wants to draw the figure in a different way. Not 200 balls, his argument is a rise from 3 to 6. Today, he was saying, “As the people of Bengal have brought the BJP from three to six in the assembly and have ruled against the violent politics of Mamata Banerjee’s party. Maybe they got the majority but lost the leadership of her party. That is the consequence. “

In other words, Dilip is optimistic that Priyanka will be able to defeat Mamata Banerjee, the daughter of Priyanka Tibriel, in her own seat. Trinamool’s argument Dilip Ghosh is talking. In their words, if there will be such a result, then why star promoters like Locket Chatterjee did not come to the campaign! Why is Dilip Ghosh reading so much?

Reporter- Anup Chakraborty

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