Dilip Ghosh on BJP Bypoll failure: Zero in by-elections Dilip Ghosh replied

#Kolkata: In the by-elections, the Trinamool has got four out of 75 votes. In an immediate response, Dilip Ghosh (Dilip Ghosh on BJP Bypoll failure) drew comparisons with China. His argument will then not be allowed to give the candidate to the opposition. But who is responsible for this failure! What is the essence of Gajowari’s allegations? The vote in front of the central forces cannot be thwarted because the Gerua camp has been seen repeatedly calling for these forces in the assembly. What will the BJP do in the re-election! Dilip Ghosh on BJP Bypoll failure answered all questions.

Dilip Ghosh on BJP Bypoll failure, who arrived at the Ecopark this morning, said, “The way the election is being held, no one is allowed to participate, no one is allowed to campaign, no hotel, no car is being given so that the opposition cannot contest the next election.” There will be only one candidate in a day and that candidate will have to get everyone to vote. One party will become a democracy and no one else will be able to contest. TMC will get all the votes. “

Can you give candidates in the general election? Answering this question, Dilip Ghosh said, “Of course I can. What will be the situation. It is not known now how much. The Bharatiya Janata Party is preparing to contest the elections with full force.”

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Dilip Ghosh alleges that in the last municipal elections, the polls in Bidhannagar ended at 8 am and the votes were looted. Journalists have been sent, cameras have been broken. The same has happened in Calcutta Corporation. No one was allowed to enter the center in Tarakeswar or Arambagh. In the words of the former BJP state president, “Later it happened in the panchayats too. That is where the politics of Bengal is going. In the meantime we have to fight.”

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But what will happen if you just blame! Don’t take any responsibility! Dilip Ghosh said about the by-election rate. “Different diplomacy works during elections, normal politics after elections. We lost three by-elections after winning 2021. But we won the general election. The workers work for the party’s ideology. By-election is not a matter of principle, it is an exception. It has happened everywhere.” “We will not let anyone win. We are not being allowed to hold elections, we are not being allowed to campaign. Our candidates are not being allowed to cast their votes. They have been barred.”

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