Dilip Ghosh on Congress | Adhir Chowdhury to pierce Mamata openly tune Dilip Ghosh!

#Kolkata: The responsibilities have changed, but you are in a good mood. Rose also came to the Morning Walk following her routine. But today is an exception. On the morning of Vidyasagar’s birthday, Dilip Ghosh sang Mamata’s tune to break the Congress. Dilip’s argument is that there is no point in the Congress (Dilip Ghosh on Congress) showing the audacity to ridicule Mamata Banerjee. At least coming to a standstill does not allow the Congress to play this role. Because they have no public base.

Today, a journalist at Ecopark grabbed Dilip Ghosh by the scruff of the neck and said that Adhir Chowdhury had insulted Mamata Banerjee. Dilip Ghosh replied, “There is no point in saying these things. Who is the Joker! They don’t have an MLA. Such a big party!”

In a tone of some accusation, Dilip Ghosh kept saying, “You (Congress) have voted for the Trinamool to stop the BJP before the vote. You have no people’s representative, why would the people obey.”

A few days ago, Dilip Ghosh also publicly called on Adhir Chowdhury to join the BJP. Anxious, however, he blew away that call. However, on this day Ulatpuran. At a time when Mamata Banerjee herself is harassing the Congress, Dilip Ghosh also joined in.

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Observers are well aware that the bitterness of Adhir Chowdhury with the Trinamool is at the root of the enmity of the Trinamool with the Congress. Even in the middle, it was heard that Adhir Chowdhury may be removed from the post of Lok Sabha party leader. Of course, even in the wreckage, his own steadfast and restless zeal did not diminish so much. Rather, the recent change is about Mamata Banerjee’s tendency to go against the Congress. Observers say this could be to the BJP’s advantage, which could jeopardize the alliance’s chances. This time Dilip Ghosh was also seen matching the same tune. In other words, both the BJP and the Trinamool consider the Congress as a sinking ship. In the recent editorial of Jago Bangla, it has been said that the Trinamool is the bearer of the legacy of the Congress.

Today, Dilip Ghosh also opened his mouth about the inclusion of Prashant Kishore’s name in the voter list of Bhabanipur in Ecopark. However, the familiar crooked words were not on his face. “We know he was a grassroots leader. To be a leader here, you have to be a voter. I think it happened at that time. It was not known. But this time it was known,” he said.

However, at the end, Dilip Ghosh said, “Where is he now, it is a question. He explained, he is in his own mood.”

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