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Dilip Ghosh on KK’s Death || Dilip Ghosh opens his mouth about KK’s death, explosive claim …


#Kolkata: BJP all-India vice-president Dilip Ghosh will not be able to open his mouth in front of the media. After receiving this letter, he did not open his mouth in front of the news media yesterday. The way the BJP has been growing in this state since 2016 is all in the hands of Dilip Ghosh. Many have said that Dilip Ghosh has become a loner. Again, party workers who understand politics are saying, can BJP retain 3% of votes in the next panchayat vote? There are doubts about that.

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In Bengal, the BJP has seen the face of victory with its hands. It is normal that Dilip Ghosh will not remain silent as the chief activist of the state of that party. On the way out of the morning walk, he opened his mouth about the irregularities of the program at Nazrul Mancha. He also said that Amit Shah had said that he could be killed if he went to Bengal. Here is the proof that KK died when he got sick. ‘ He called for an investigation into Cake’s death and the cause of his previous condition.

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The Om Puri Foundation has demanded a CBI probe into the mystery surrounding Kek’s death. Dilip Ghosh strongly supports that demand. He also said that if there is a Trinamool government function, there are no rules and regulations. Which led to such a big event. Yesterday, Dilip Ghosh received a letter from the floor about the party. He acknowledged receiving the letter. So is he a victim of conspiracy within the party? Dilip Ghosh smiled lightly and said, ‘You find out. When the team told me, I followed the instructions. I will do the same in the future. ‘ There is a saying that a good batsman tries to hit a six whenever he gets a bad ball. He must cross the ball boundary. Dilip Ghosh is the same.


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