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Dilip Ghosh on Mamata Banerjee Win: Dilip Ma Ghosh on Mamata Banerjee


#Kolkata: Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee has won the Bhabanipur by-election by a huge margin, breaking all records. From the very beginning of Bhabanipur By-Poll Results, the Trinamool leader had left BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal far behind. And in the end it was seen that Mamata Banerjee won in Bhabanipur by breaking the record of 2011 Bhabanipur by-election. In this situation, where BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal has pointed out the shortcomings of the party’s organization, Dilip Ghosh, the former state president of the BJP, says, “It has happened as expected. We never won there. We fought. “

However, Dilip Ghosh has claimed that there was no smooth voting environment in Bhabanipur. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. However, Dilip Ghosh said that he did not expect Mamata Banerjee to get the record-breaking lead. In his words, ” The lead has been a little higher. We thought the lead would be a little low. But people could not go out to vote for fear. That’s why the lead has increased. “

According to the Election Commission, Mamata Banerjee won by 5735 votes in Bhabanipur. Since then, BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal has publicly admitted that her defeat was due to organizational weakness. After the results were released on Sunday, Priyanka said, ‘I admit, we had weaknesses in the organization in Bhabanipur. We did not have the organization we needed to win the election. Remember, a leader never wins, a leader never loses. Organization to win or lose. ‘ However, Priyanka Tibrewal congratulated Mamata Banerjee for the victory. He also called himself ‘Man of the Match’.

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However, BJP state president Sukant Majumder claimed that there was a fight in Bhabanipur. However, questions are being raised as to how much his party leaders agree with the BJP state president (Sukanta Majumdar). Because all day on Sunday, the BJP’s state office or Hastings office was in Shunshan. No leader or worker has seen it that way As a result, if there was a real fight in Bhabanipur, the question naturally arises as to why the BJP leaders and workers did not get the encouragement to come to the party’s state office.

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