#NewDelhi: After the meeting with Narendra Modi, Mamata Banerjee told reporters, “The Prime Minister has accepted my invitation. He will inaugurate the World Bengal Trade Conference in April next year. ” The BJP mocks the grassroots every day about Bengali industry. This time Narendra Modi is going to inaugurate that industrial conference. However, BJP’s all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh sneered at Mamata Banerjee’s announcement. (Dilip Ghosh on Modi Mamata Meet) Let’s take a look, who responded …

Dilip Ghosh

Mamata Banerjee has said that Narendra Modi will come. What did the Prime Minister say? The air is warming up. The plight of Bengal will be solved by Modi. We want him to come, why did not call so long? In fact, it is possible that Modi is happy. Mamata Banerjee has no acceptance. Narendra Modi’s face is being used.

Adhir Chowdhury

We remember my sister’s slander against Narendra Modi. Modi also used to tickle the tone. Mamata Banerjee will discuss BSF. People terrified of the NRC. Everyone thought Didi might protest. But now he will inaugurate the industry conference with that Modi. In fact, Mamata Banerjee has surrendered to Narendra Modi. This time I will see that Didi is also inviting Modi in Vaifonta.

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Saugat Roy

Dilip Ghosh is actually incompetent, incompetent. He never ran the state government. So he doesn’t know. This is normal in the federal structure. No one invests in the face of Narendra Modi. Industrialists invest in infrastructure. Mamata Banerjee has built that infrastructure in Bengal. That is why investment is being made in Bengal. When the Prime Minister comes, it is better for the federal structure.

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