Dilip Ghosh on Sabyasachi Dutta | Mukul close Sabyasachi Dutt will leave the BJP? Dilip Ghosh opened his mouth after hearing the question

#Kolkata: This is like an open secret. Rajiv Banerjee and Prabir Ghoshal are explaining that they are waiting for the Trinamool to start a new journey once again. But Sabyasachi Dutt? Once close to Mamata, close to Mukul Roy, this time the mystery is deepening with this BJP leader. He is playing in public. Dilip Ghosh on Sabyasachi Dutta, BJP’s all-India co-president, opened his mouth today after a morning visit to Newtown Ecopark.

Recently, Sabyasachi Dutta said, last time there was a vote, so there was a pujo. This time there is no vote so there is no worship. Dilip Ghosh said, “I don’t know. Worship should be done according to the rules of worship. It is not right to worship after seeing the votes. Those who worshiped should think about it. There is no objection to worship. Some people can worship together.” Since there is no big pujo this time, it would be better to have pujo in a hall. People will see. “

Suddenly, the straightforward words of Sabyasachi Dutt, which increased the discomfort in the team, could not be hidden. Dilip Gho, at seven o’clock in the morning the question ran, is there any hint about leaving the team? In this context, Dilip Ghosh said, “I do not know anything.” Last year, the BJP organized Durga Puja at EZCC in Bidhannagar. Pujo was initiated by Central Observer Kailash Vijayavargiya, then All India Vice President Mukul Roy, Sabyasachi Dutta. Then a lot of water flowed.

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The BJP has called for the resignation of the BJP. Many grassroots leaders once joined the BJP holding the hand of Mukul Roy. That Mukul Roy joined the grassroots again. Many MLAs close to Mukul are returning home from BJP. Biswajit Das came from Baghdad. Naturally, speculations are made about Sabyasachi Dutt because Mukul Roy’s relationship with him is well known. This time his differences with the BJP are also being felt. Time will tell the rest.

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