Dilip Ghosh on WB By Poll: What will the BJP do in the remaining 4 by-elections in Bhabanipur Dilip Ghosh informed

#Kolkata: Bengal did not win, but the BJP had to stop at 7, dreaming of 200 seats. In the by-elections too, the BJP lost to Mamata Banerjee in a record vote. The other two centers Jangipur and Samsherganj also flew grass flag. In this situation, by-elections will be held on October 30 in four more centers in the state. But will the BJP, which has been pushed one by one, be able to speed up the ruling camp at all? Or will the result be the same as Bhabanipur-Jangipur? Dilip Ghosh, the BJP’s former state president and now the party’s all-India co-president, says the ‘fight’ will be in those four centers.

Dilip did not open his mouth after the results of Bhabanipur were released on Sunday. But on Monday morning, the media threw questions at him. Asked about Bhabanipur, Dilip said, “It is true that our organization in Bhabanipur has weaknesses. Because the opposition was not allowed to propagate by hooliganism. Many people did not come out to vote out of fear. Incidentally, after the defeat, Bhabanipur BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal said yesterday, “I admit, we had organizational weakness in Bhabanipur. We accept that we did not have the organization we needed to win the election. Remember, a leader never wins, a leader never loses. The organization of that team wins or loses. ‘ However, Priyanka congratulated Mamata Banerjee for the victory. At the same time, however, he also called himself ‘Man of the Match’.

In this situation, in the by-elections of Dinhata, Kharadaha, Gosaba and Shantipur, is it possible to make the grassroots competitive by strengthening the organization at all? Dilip Ghosh Saf says, ‘We will have a good fight in the next four by-elections. Because our organization is strong there. At the same time, Dilip added, “The result that was expected in Bhabanipur has happened. The lead has been a bit high. We hoped it would be a little less. But people did not go out to vote for fear. They were opposition voters. That’s why the lead has been higher. All the ministers of TMC went down to the meeting. Dance songs are all done. We also preached in front of him with equal collision. Because we are fighting as an opposition party. “

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There are by-elections in four more centers of the state on October 30 Among them, the Trinamool MLAs who won in Kharadha and Gosaba constituencies died Jagannath Sarkar and Nishith Pramanik, the two BJP-winning MLAs in Dinhata and Shantipur, have resigned to retain their seats. Ruling party leader Mamata Banerjee has already announced the names of candidates for the four constituencies. None of the rest of the opposition has yet announced the names of the candidates. As a result, the Trinamool started ahead of the opposition in the by-elections of the remaining four seats.

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