#Kolkata: He has recently resigned from the post of President. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But not a hair has changed in the routine. BJP’s all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh arrived at Newtown Ecopark on a morning watch on a cloudy morning even today. As usual, he opened his mouth against the grassroots. Politics with the bodies from the deaths of several people in the state after being electrocuted, Dilip opened his mouth one after another. Let’s hear that Dilip Ubach-

In the case of multiple deaths in the state due to electrocution in stagnant water

Dilip Ghosh says, “The kind of rain that has fallen will cause water to accumulate. The water will accumulate more and more day by day. Because the drains are not cleaned and all the empty space in the pond has been filled.

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Dilip Ghosh’s cannon, “As much vacant land as there was, even on the canal, houses are being built, even those places are being sold, leasing is being done illegally, so there is no place for water to come out. So if it rains a little, where there is space everywhere Is standing. “

“The government has no responsibility. Their leaders are not responsible, they are speaking in an inhumane way. The government should take immediate action so that there are no casualties. People should be warned. Roads should be paved immediately to prevent such accidents,” Dilip said.

Politics with corpses

It may be mentioned that the BJP leaders came to the Chief Minister’s house on Thursday with the body of BJP leader Manas Saha from Mograhat. Mamata Banerjee fired from a public meeting against this behavior. Dilip Ghosh also opened his mouth in this context today. He said, “Who taught you to protest by bringing bodies? Have you brought bodies from different districts and protested in Kolkata? Now it is difficult. The police do not want to take up the FIR.

Voting battle in Bhabanipur

It is worth mentioning that while the whole party is trying to show strength in Bhabanipur, Dilip Ghosh seems to be very indifferent. He is not going to Bhabanipur. The decision to think about the result, or reluctance to change responsibilities? Dilip Ghosh does not want to act on these questions. He said bluntly, “Harish is going to Chatterjee Street. I will go too.”

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