Dilip Ghosh replaced by Sukanta Majumder | Will you get importance in national politics or the consequences of Mukul Roy? The questions that are being raised about Dilip’s transfer of responsibilities

#Kolkata: Dilip Ghosh was removed before his term expired. Dilip Ghosh was replaced by Sukanta Majumder, a very close RSS leader. As an alternative, Dilip Ghosh himself came to Delhi with the name Sukantar. As a result, the question is not about his debut, but about the removal of Dilip Ghosh before his term (Dilip Ghosh replaced by Sukanta Majumder). Speculation is going on about Dilip Ghosh’s new responsibilities.

The party has elected Dilip Ghosh as the All India Vice President. Earlier, Mukul Roy also held the same post. Those who know the consequences of Mukul Roy say that this is a kind of punishment posting for the current Bengali leader. Mukul Roy somehow became one room. The state had almost no responsibility. Konthasa Mukul Roy, being irrelevant, at one point retaliated.

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But why should Dilip Ghosh, who made the BJP party in Bengal from scratch, be removed from office? Is this the cost of vote rigging? Like political observers, the BJP wanted to use Dilip Ghosh in the polls. Dilip Ghosh, on the other hand, has a few more months to spare, but he knew that the party was preparing for a reshuffle. Part of the party was also angry with Dilip Shibir.

However, Dilip Ghosh is not showing any enthusiasm for the new role. On the contrary, he has repeatedly said that he will fulfill the responsibility given by the party. However, there is a lot of room for question about Dilip Ghosh’s interest in national level leadership. Dilip Ghosh wants to sit in Delhi at all? In close quarters, he repeatedly said that as soon as he went to Delhi, he went to Bangali Para. Dilip Ghosh says in Hindi that his political expansion is limited to Bengalis.

As a result, the question comes in words, can Dilip Ghosh leave the party? Those who have seen Dilip Ghosh say that the post is not a big issue for Dilip Ghosh. His fans will seal the fact that the ideology he believes in will remain steadfast. Mukul Roy was a BJP leader from the grassroots, but not Dilip Ghosh. On the contrary, if he does not get a new job, the way is open for him to join the RSS, now there is no question of joining another party.

But this is exactly what happened after Dilip Ghosh became the state president. His huge popularity in the state is called Fanbase in Bollywood-Tollywood language. It may not be possible to maintain that fan base in the responsibilities that Dilip Ghosh will play now.

Will Dilip Ghosh be able to adapt to this changed situation? For him, however, the path of association is always open. Overnight a move by the Gerua camp gave birth to such an unsolved question.

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