Dilip Ghosh Security: Dilip Ghosh suddenly gave up state security! Why such a decision?

#Kolkata: Former BJP state president and current all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh has given up the security provided by the state government. That is, he left the security of the state police. The BJP leader has already informed the state in a letter. But rumors have started circulating as to why Dilip Ghosh suddenly left the security of the state.

However, people close to Dilip Babu say that he has taken this decision as a result of his resignation from the post of BJP state president. When he was the state president, Dilip Ghosh had to travel to different parts of the state. But he was recently removed from the post of state president and made the party’s all-India co-president. As a result, he will not have to travel around the state as before. That is why he left the security of the state. Incidentally, Dilip Ghosh was accompanied by two state security guards on behalf of the West Bengal government.

Incidentally, the party’s central leadership also acknowledged the role of Dilip Ghosh behind the BJP’s unimaginable success in the state in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. After that vote, the then state BJP president Dilip Ghosh could be attacked, the intelligence report to the Union Home Ministry said. Detectives feared he could be attacked at any time. There was even a possibility of a deadly attack, the report sent to the home ministry said. Based on this, his address has to be changed and his security has been increased to Z category.

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After getting Z category security, the number of Dilip’s bodyguards increased to around 30. At the same time, there were two security guards on behalf of the state. This time the former state president of BJP left the security of the state. Incidentally, after becoming the state president of the party, he got into trouble in multiple places. Whether it is Darjeeling or the last day of campaigning in the recent Bhabanipur by-election, there have been many problems in Dilip Ghosh’s security zone.

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