Dilip Ghosh ‘semi-educated’, Tathagata retaliated with ‘advice’ to leave the party! BJP in discomfort – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: The clash between Tathagata Roy and Dilip Ghosh intensified. The way the two experienced leaders of the party are attacking each other is becoming increasingly uncomfortable for the BJP. This time, Dilip Ghosh advised Tathagata Roy to leave the party directly On the other hand, Dilip Ghosh vs Tathagata Roy attacked Dilip as semi-educated.

Tathagata Roy has been criticizing the state BJP leadership for the past few days for failing to get close to the expected turnout in the Assembly polls and subsequent by-elections. Dilip Ghosh is one of the leaders of the party that he has targeted without naming him Leaders from the grassroots, in particular, have stepped up the tug-of-war without one party after another.

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A few days ago, he wrote on Twitter with a picture of Dilip Ghosh, ‘The team let the brokers get calls. Brought them as garlands. Those who used to do BJP for ideology were asked, what have you done for so many years? We brought eighteen seats. Vinnie, VD, VC like Julius Caesar. What if you cheat now? The tragic consequences of the BJP today are for all this. Tathagata Roy also wrote directly on Twitter that the state leadership should be held responsible for the disaster in West Bengal.

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One comment after another by the veteran leader was increasing the uneasiness within the BJP Asked about the verdict, Dilip Ghosh retorted, “Those who have done nothing for the party, those who have given the most to the party, are the ones who do the most damage to the party.” This is our misfortune How long will you be ashamed? Leave the party. ‘

Tathagata also did not leave Dilip to answer In reply, Dilip Ghosh may not understand what I am saying What happens if you are a semi-educated person? Secondly, I don’t care what he says. ” Even after tweeting, Tathagata Roy remained steadfast in his position with Dilip Ghosh Tathagata has made it clear that he is not paying any attention to Dilip Ghosh’s remarks The BJP’s central leadership may have to intervene to stop the tussle between Tathagata Roy and Dilip Ghosh over the situation.

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