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Dilip Ghosh | Sukanta Majumdar: Sukanta Majumdar-Dilip Ghosh disagree publicly! Conflict over Howrah escalates in BJP?


#Kolkata: The state government wants to hold Howrah Corporation Election on December 19 in Howrah. Meanwhile, a proposal to separate Howrah and Bali municipalities has been tabled in the assembly. With this, the noise has fallen in the opposition camp. But in the meantime, there was a disagreement within the BJP over the Howrah by-poll between the former and current state presidents. When current BJP state president Sukanta Majumdar does not want Howrah to vote on December 19, former state president Dilip Ghosh’s response is, “Together or separately, the BJP will contest the polls in full force.”

Recently, BJP state president Sukant Majumder said that if the remaining votes of all the municipalities in the state were not cast together, a case would be filed. The state government has started preparations for the by-elections at an early stage. In this situation, the opposition says, the state government wants to hold the polls only in Kolkata and Howrah municipalities next December. The BJP is thinking of going to court for voting together in all the remaining municipalities.

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But in such a situation, Sukant Majumder said, ‘I will see Kolkata later. But according to the notification, if the government wants to hold the polls in Howrah on December 19, it will not be able to do so. We will not allow it. ‘ Immediately after this, however, the former BJP state president Dilip Ghosh said, “Whether together or separately, the BJP will fight the election with full force. The BJP will not back down from the polls.

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There has been no pre-poll in the state since 2016. Why are you thinking of pre-voting only in Kolkata and Howrah? A public interest litigation was filed in the Calcutta High Court on Monday. After that, Sukant Majumder said in a press conference, “All the municipalities in the state have to hold the outstanding vote at once. Otherwise, the BJP will file a case in the High Court. And if, for security reasons, voting is not possible exclusively, then I demand that the results of the vote be announced on the same day. The BJP has the power to fight if the vote goes together. “

With the end of the by-elections, the state has been in the throes of a referendum. The state government wants to hold a pre-poll in Kolkata-Howrah on December 19. The government has already appealed to the Election Commission. According to sources, it has been approved.

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