Dilip Ghosh: Surjit fired for commenting on Shuvendu! This time Dilip Ghosh opened his mouth

#Kolkata: This time Dilip Ghosh opened his mouth regarding the expulsion of BJP leader Surjit Saha from Howrah. According to him, proper action has been taken against Surjit for breach of discipline.

On the same day, BJP’s all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh paid a morning visit to Newtown Ecopark. As soon as the issue came up, he said, “Okay. The party discipline has been broken. If the party discipline is broken, the party will take action. It is over.”

With the expulsion of Surjit Saha, there was a pre-vote. Full vote in front, party quarrel is coming in front. In such a situation, is Dilip Ghosh fearing any loss? When asked about this, Dilip Ghosh said, the party works in a system. Thousands of workers are working. One can be a problem. Many have left the party before. Positive, like Dilip Ghosh, the party doesn’t think much of it. Those who are booth level activists will fight and win the party.

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Whether Dilip admits it or not, there is a new dissatisfaction with Shuvendu Adhikari within the clear party. Surjit Saha of Howrah was punished for saying that. According to Dilip Ghosh, dissatisfaction is already there. Many have left since the election. Slowly it is becoming normal.

But why this dissatisfaction, Dilip says in the explanation, has created an atmosphere of suspicion within the party. Many people have come and many people have left. That is why many people are talking based on their ideas.

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It may be mentioned that Shuvendu Adhikari and Sukant Majumdar had a meeting with the Howrah district leadership a couple of days ago about the preparation of votes of Howrah Corporation. In that meeting, Howrah city BJP president Surjit Saha and many others expressed their anger against Shuvendu. Due to this, Shuvendu threatened the agitated leadership of the district. In front of state president Sukant Majumdar, Shuvendu said, “You will fight in Howrah with this unity.” Fight the vote before refraining from slandering each other. Soon after, Shuvendu had that explosive allegation, aimed at the Howrah district leadership. He said, “The BJP leadership in Howrah is keeping in touch with Arup Roy of the Trinamool Congress.” He raised questions about Narda. He even remarked that Shuvendu could return to the grassroots.

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